Debit Card payment.

Payment instructions

Thank you for choosing Card payments. To make the payment easier, you should use your Debit card.

Here is the link for payment based on your country:

For USA Debit Cards: USA Card Payment Link

For Australia Debit Cards: Australia Card Payment Link

Step 1.
Sign up for an account using the link from above. The Link will take you the Remitly Website.

Step 2.
Enter the amount (The Total order amount including shipping). The amount will be converted to the currency of the receiving country. Country is Cameroon and the currency is XAF.

Step 3.
Select the Mobile Money Option as indicated in the screenshot below.

Step 4.
Select MTN Mobile Money

Step 5.
Enter recipient name.

First name: Sarah
Last name: Daniels

Step 6.
Enter the Mobile Phone Number.
Make sure you enter the Number correctly

Mobile Phone Number: 6 79 58 61 24

Step 7.

Proceed to the next page and enter your billing information, then enter your card details and complete the payment. You will see the summary of all the information you entered. Verify if all info is correct then proceed to payment.

When you complete the payment, take a screenshot of the payment confirmation page and email it to us.

Send email to:

We will verify the payment and ship your order, then you will be sent a tracking number.

Thank you.

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